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New Release – Sharpest Sting

I'm secretly a huge fan of assassin plotlines. Yeah, I'm one of those authors who will have a hard time explaining their search history if the police come knocking. But I'm not just looking up fast-acting poisons, I'm also looking up the exact specifications of your regular marble. Standard research. So, this book really caught… Continue reading New Release – Sharpest Sting

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#NewRelease – Taming Demons for Beginners

Title: Taming Demons for Beginners Author: Annette Marie Genre: Urban fantasy Release date: 13th September 2019     Blurb: "Rule one: Don't look at the demon. When I arrived at my uncle's house, I expected my relatives to be like me—outcast sorcerers who don't practice magic. I was right about the sorcery, but wrong about… Continue reading #NewRelease – Taming Demons for Beginners

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#NewRelease – Prophecy of Magic (Blog Hop)

This week on the new release feature I'm helping out the awesome authors in the Prophecy of Magic boxed set by being a stop in their page hop! Check out the details below and you could be in for a chance to win $100 worth of Amazon gift cards! 🔮🔮 Welcome to the Prophecy of Magic Page… Continue reading #NewRelease – Prophecy of Magic (Blog Hop)

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#NewRelease – Wildfire Sea Dragon

Title: Wildfire Sea Dragon Author: Zoe Chant Genre: Urban fantasy/shifter romance Release date: 16th September 2019   Blurb: "Noble. Dutiful. Serious. All words that no one would ever use to describe sea dragon shifter Joe, the Crown Prince of Atlantis. As the Heir to the Pearl Throne, he’s supposed to be preparing to rule a… Continue reading #NewRelease – Wildfire Sea Dragon

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#NewRelease – Warrior Trapped Fae

Title: Warrior Fae Trapped Author: K.F. Breene Genre: Urban fantasy/shifter romance Release date: 10th September 2019   Blurb: "Charity hasn't had it easy. Growing up in a bad part of Chicago, left by her mother at sixteen, she's a survivor. So when she gets a scholarship to a good college out in California, she thinks… Continue reading #NewRelease – Warrior Trapped Fae