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#NewRelease – Traitors’ Fate by Andy Peloquin

Blurb "One Death Changes Two Cities Forever Ilanna, Master of the Night Guild, has waged a war for eight years to cleanse her city of the rival criminal organization that nearly destroyed it. When she uncovers a ring of slavers trafficking young girls for sexual servitude around the continent, she is forced to venture into… Continue reading #NewRelease – Traitors’ Fate by Andy Peloquin

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It’s Time For YOUR #NewRelease

Fridays - the weekend is in sight and so that are those bottles of wine you've been eyeing since Monday. Plus, The Secret Library features brand new books in the urban fantasy, fantasy, paranormal and supernatural genres. Wine and books - what a day! If you follow The Secret Library, you may know that the… Continue reading It’s Time For YOUR #NewRelease

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#NewRelease – Deepest Midnight by Clara Winter

Blurb "True love never dies.¬† For Millicent, a once French noblewoman turned immortal vampire, forever is a long time to live in despair. The love of her life is murdered the night she becomes immortal. Millicent spends her endless night in a melancholy which never ends. Two hundred forty years later, she locks eyes with… Continue reading #NewRelease – Deepest Midnight by Clara Winter

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#NewRelease – Azimuth (The Rahki Chronicles) by Rennie St. James

Blurb: "Trapped in an office job, Mia Rayner¬†dreamed of adventure. And then it came true. When she finds the body of her Gypsy teacher, Mia's life will shift into a blur of martial arts, mythology, and murder. Taught by the enigmatic Cayden Jodhani, she'll learn the warrior's path in a Rahki world where magic hangs… Continue reading #NewRelease – Azimuth (The Rahki Chronicles) by Rennie St. James

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#Announcement – Vox Saeth is coming March 2019!

We interrupt your usual supernatural creatures broadcast to bring you this: Evening y'all! You may have noticed that the Vox Saeth stories have been taken down from The Secret Library as of a few days ago and I'd like to announce why. They are getting turned into a book of short stories! I took some… Continue reading #Announcement – Vox Saeth is coming March 2019!