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Valkyrie Fallen Releases Into The Wild!

Yesterday, Valkyrie Fallen hit the shelves, and with it, a large milestone. This time last year, I had just finished writing the first book in the series, Valkyrie Cursed, and I was preparing for my very first professional release. This first book would signal the start of a race to get as many books released… Continue reading Valkyrie Fallen Releases Into The Wild!

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A Vendetta Of Sorts

Self-publishing is growing in popularity as indie authors finally shake off the many circulating misconceptions. Concerns over lack of quality control still has some readers swearing off reading self-published books. Considering that the likes of The Martian were initially self-published, it's difficult to understand how people still adopt this blanket mentality. Self-publishing will never be… Continue reading A Vendetta Of Sorts

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Technical Issues

There are a lot of unexpected issues that pop up when trying to publish books, but I experienced a brand new one this week. I finished editing Valkyrie Fallen which was a huge weight off my shoulders, but after a few attempts to get it to my editor, I found my e-mails weren't reaching her.… Continue reading Technical Issues