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Monstrous – Book Review

Title: Monstrous Author: Harper A. Brooks Genre: Paranormal Romance Rating: Four stars "All I want is to feel normal. But the pills that numb the pain end up stripping me of who I am until I’m left feeling hollow. When I stop taking them, I can see clearly again, and after so much darkness and… Continue reading Monstrous – Book Review


What’s on the reading pile – Legacy

I love stumbling across sub-genres I hadn't even contemplated before. These are usually the kind that are great ideas but haven't gotten popular in the mainstream yet, in the way that making teenagers battle to the death in YA fantasy did. Last week I discovered a series set in a biodome, yet there's also magic… Continue reading What’s on the reading pile – Legacy


3 Reasons Constant Positivity Isn’t A Key To Success

Have you ever heard the term "toxic positivity"? Birthed some time in the 2010s, the term toxic positivity brought to light how that sometimes a positive mindset isn't appropriate. Not everything that lowers our self-esteem, mood, or motivation is solved with a can-do attitude. (People with chronic illnesses, I see you.) Positivity is an important… Continue reading 3 Reasons Constant Positivity Isn’t A Key To Success