3 Reasons Constant Positivity Isn’t A Key To Success

Have you ever heard the term "toxic positivity"? Birthed some time in the 2010s, the term toxic positivity brought to light how that sometimes a positive mindset isn't appropriate. Not everything that lowers our self-esteem, mood, or motivation is solved with a can-do attitude. (People with chronic illnesses, I see you.) Positivity is an important… Continue reading 3 Reasons Constant Positivity Isn’t A Key To Success

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#NewRelease – Prophecy of Magic (Blog Hop)

This week on the new release feature I'm helping out the awesome authors in the Prophecy of Magic boxed set by being a stop in their page hop! Check out the details below and you could be in for a chance to win $100 worth of Amazon gift cards! 🔮🔮 Welcome to the Prophecy of Magic Page… Continue reading #NewRelease – Prophecy of Magic (Blog Hop)

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How does a good book look? #2

This month has already been a weird mix of good and bad books but all of you avid readers will know, sometimes the bad ones are inevitable. Sometimes, though, I ignore the red flags and go ahead and read anyway. I am. Just. That. Addicted. I am definitely guilty of that in the last few… Continue reading How does a good book look? #2