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#BookReview – Flower Shields by C.A. King

Blurb "Meet the four horsemen: Michael, Gabrielle, Uriel and Raphael. For centuries their sole purpose has been guarding the sealed gates to hell. Without keys, there was never any real threat. That was about to change... Michael couldn't care less about the love story behind how and why the world was created. In fact, nothing… Continue reading #BookReview – Flower Shields by C.A. King


#BookReview – Re: Camelot: Part One: The Descendant of the King by E.C. Fisher

Blurb "In an inaccessible solar system, on the planet Avalon, darkness spreads across the continent, consuming all. But through the blackness, a small light emanates, signaling hope. Merlin awakes from her realistic dream in a cold sweat. She recalls an ancient prophecy. She must find the descendant of King Arthur who will draw Excalibur and… Continue reading #BookReview – Re: Camelot: Part One: The Descendant of the King by E.C. Fisher

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New Fantasy Release: Haunted – by K. Schwartz

Blurb "Blaire Stevens’ sorrow is a powerful force. Recent events have her grieving in a human sports bar, but when her anger and guilt jeopardize the ghosted community, she must face the council. Again. Aiden Briar has lost Blaire once, and won’t risk it a second time. When his gifts allow him to listen to… Continue reading New Fantasy Release: Haunted – by K. Schwartz

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Epic Fantasy Trilogy: Sale Alert!

Eyes front, people! We have a sale alert! On Wednesday, The Secret Library posted a five star review for the absolutely mind-blowing Child of the Night Guild - the first book in the Queen of Thieves epic fantasy series. Turns out, the timing for this review was perfect because the author, Andy Peloquin, has just announced that… Continue reading Epic Fantasy Trilogy: Sale Alert!