What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile: Imbalance

The Tarot Witches series is has transferred from the "to-read" pile to the "read" pile. What an eye opening series that was! My review on the final book in the series, Summer Court, is coming on Wednesday and while it was a great series to read, I'm looking forward to moving on to the next… Continue reading What’s on the reading pile: Imbalance

The Anxious Author

3 Occasions You Need Coffee Over Tea

Last week we had a natter about the times we need tea instead of coffee. If that sounds absolutely crazy to you, it'll make more sense if you read last week's post at this link here. Honestly, some days it sounds crazy to me too! The good news is, if you're a coffee addict, I'm… Continue reading 3 Occasions You Need Coffee Over Tea


Vampire Lovers Giveaway

Are vampires making a comeback? I can't say for sure but it feels like I've seen way more vampire books through ads and promos lately. This giveaway is making me wonder if I'm right about the vampire resurgence. If it's true and vampires are going to take over fiction for another five years, are we… Continue reading Vampire Lovers Giveaway

Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 24th – 30th July 2020

2020 is one of those years that you aren't too fussed to see whizzing past, what with the pandemic keeping us inside. But I'm still OK to say: how the hell is it nearly August, right? Me and my husband decided enough was enough last week and downloaded an organisation app. Coordinating together, we've been… Continue reading Reading Round-Up: 24th – 30th July 2020

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Winter Court – Book Review

Title: Winter Court Author: S.M. Reine Genre: Urban fantasy/Erotica Rating: Four stars * * This book has explicit sexual content * * "CEO Pierce Hardwick is testing a cure for lycanthropy. Jaycee Frost, witch and executive assistant, wants to help. But she can’t risk getting too close to her irresistible boss. Ever since that one… Continue reading Winter Court – Book Review