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What’s On The Reading Pile – Magic Dancer Academy

I'm going to start off by saying that I have zero idea what this book is about, although the title is fairly self-explanatory. It goes to show that I've never read anything like this book before. Magic spy academy? Yup, been there. Regular magic academy? Every chance I get. Magical prison academy? Ideally not, but… Continue reading What’s On The Reading Pile – Magic Dancer Academy

Book Reviews, Four Stars

A Legacy Witch – Book Review

Title: A Legacy Witch Author: Ashley McLeo Genre: Urban fantasy Rating: Four stars "A surly, hot wizard. A dangerous calling. A curse killing off students. I’ve dreamed of attending Spellcasters Spy Academy for as long as I can remember. So imagine my surprise when I get there and discover it’s not the academic utopia I… Continue reading A Legacy Witch – Book Review

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Catching A Vampire – Book Review

Title: Catching A Vampire Author: Laura Greenwood Genre: Fantasy Academy Rating: Four stars "Studying at Grimalkin has been Daphne's dream since she was a little girl. With her best friend unable to do the simplest spells, her brother determined to find an old family spell to turn them into cats, and hot dates with a… Continue reading Catching A Vampire – Book Review

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It’s Release Day For A Druid’s Secret!

The big day has arrived! My paranormal academy novel A Druid's Secret releases today! This novel has a special place in my heart because this is the book that earned me my USA Today Bestseller status. Back in April, A Druid's Secret was put together with lots of other novels into the Darkness Rising boxed… Continue reading It’s Release Day For A Druid’s Secret!