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#Supernatural Creatures: #Angels – The Secret Library Encyclopedia

You had to know this one was coming soon. Angels - the embodiment of all things good, pure, and wholesome. They watch over us, battle unseen evils, and occasionally tumble into the depths of hell on their off days. What they look like? Like most supernatural creatures, it depends who you ask! But we can… Continue reading #Supernatural Creatures: #Angels – The Secret Library Encyclopedia

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#Supernatural Creatures #Werewolves – The Secret Library Encyclopedia

There are few things more terrifying than a werewolf. A creature that roams the night, a slave to its animalistic savagery in the light of the full moon. For one night a month, regular people transform into huge wolves with super strength, super speed, and a hunger for flesh, human or otherwise. One of the… Continue reading #Supernatural Creatures #Werewolves – The Secret Library Encyclopedia

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#BookReview – Anachronist: A Time Travel Adventure by Andrew Hastie

Genre: Sci-fi/historical/time travel. Rating Blurb "Josh has spent the last 17 years trying to stay out of trouble and has failed miserably – one more strike, and he’s going to prison. His mum is sick, and they’re deep in debt to a local gang – there’s nothing left to sell except for the TV, and… Continue reading #BookReview – Anachronist: A Time Travel Adventure by Andrew Hastie