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Reading, readers and writing my socks off.

Can you believe I haven't had any time to watch TV this week? Things are picking up over here. Several of you have sent me your books to review (thank you by the way!) and I'm knee-deep in those at the moment, as well as a paranormal ARC for Emma Mills - The Raven Queen,… Continue reading Reading, readers and writing my socks off.

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#BookBlitz – Clock City by Rebekah Dodson

**Upcoming Release Alert** I'm helping urban fantasy-fantasy author Rebekah Dodson with the release of her upcoming book Clock City and here is a sneak peak at this cool new release! I'm already half way through the ARC copy of this one and it's really shaping up to be a great read. Clock City by Rebekah Dodson (Realm… Continue reading #BookBlitz – Clock City by Rebekah Dodson

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Watching Magic Movies From Behind My Laptop Screen

As ever, this week has not gone to plan. Instead of TV, I've been watching magic movies and came across this absolute gem: See You Yesterday. You guessed it, it's a time travel movie which actually borders more on the sci-fi than the magical BUT this is an awesome film. We have a mostly black… Continue reading Watching Magic Movies From Behind My Laptop Screen

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Supernatural TV On the Back Burner

Really? No time for TV? Unbelievable, I know. All I've managed this week is three episodes of The Vampire Diaries and I've neglected Sabrina yet again. My excuse? SUPER busy with the new book, which, by the way, has a title now! I am deeeelighted to announce the title of the upcoming novel is: SCORPIO'S GRACE. Book one… Continue reading Supernatural TV On the Back Burner

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TV Slump, Writing Streak

That is a weird thing to complain about, I know but I really did want to get a new episode of Sabrina in this week. The first episode has so much promise. The Vampire Diaries has tapered off into the dull and weird in season 4 and the urge to binge-watch is deader than Damon Salvatore. I… Continue reading TV Slump, Writing Streak