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A Druid’s Secret – New Release

I'm over the moon to officially present one of my own new releases this week! A Druid's Secret is a paranormal academy novel I wrote to include in the Darkness Rising boxed set earlier this year. This boxed set managed to get a place on the USA Today Bestseller list back in April and earned… Continue reading A Druid’s Secret – New Release

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#BookBlitz – Clock City by Rebekah Dodson

**Upcoming Release Alert** I'm helping urban fantasy-fantasy author Rebekah Dodson with the release of her upcoming book Clock City and here is a sneak peak at this cool new release! I'm already half way through the ARC copy of this one and it's really shaping up to be a great read. Clock City by Rebekah Dodson (Realm… Continue reading #BookBlitz – Clock City by Rebekah Dodson

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TV Slump, Writing Streak

That is a weird thing to complain about, I know but I really did want to get a new episode of Sabrina in this week. The first episode has so much promise. The Vampire Diaries has tapered off into the dull and weird in season 4 and the urge to binge-watch is deader than Damon Salvatore. I… Continue reading TV Slump, Writing Streak

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This Book IS Getting Written…Slowly

I'm writing another book. Before you tell me I'm mad, I already paid off my doctor to keep that quiet. You have no proof! Not going to lie, I'm super excited about this. It doesn't have a title yet, but I'm already 36,000 words in to draft one and I LOVE writing it. After running… Continue reading This Book IS Getting Written…Slowly

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New Fantasy Release: Haunted – by K. Schwartz

Blurb "Blaire Stevens’ sorrow is a powerful force. Recent events have her grieving in a human sports bar, but when her anger and guilt jeopardize the ghosted community, she must face the council. Again. Aiden Briar has lost Blaire once, and won’t risk it a second time. When his gifts allow him to listen to… Continue reading New Fantasy Release: Haunted – by K. Schwartz