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What’s on the reading pile – Darkfever

It took some time but I'm no longer wary of fantasy erotica. While there's nothing to be scared of, erotica of any kind had a stigma for a long time. Until E.L. James brought us Fifty Shades of Grey, to read erotica was a little frowned upon. At least among people I knew, it was.… Continue reading What’s on the reading pile – Darkfever

Book Reviews, Four Stars

The Fae Prophecy – Book Review

Title: The Fae Prophecy Author: Toni Cox Genre: Fantasy Rating: Four stars "Chaos. Magic. Adventure. – Three things this princess isn’t ready for. When dark magic brings destruction and chaos down on her kingdom, fae princess Dana’s life takes an unexpected turn. The princess must now step away from every comfort she's ever known, especially… Continue reading The Fae Prophecy – Book Review

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Reading Round-Up: 18th – 24th December 2020

Happy Christmas Eve! Here in the UK we are having a different kind of Christmas this year. Our government initially told us that over the Christmas period we could meet our families in "Christmas bubbles". But as of Monday, the only day we are allowed to visit our families is the day itself. Because me… Continue reading Reading Round-Up: 18th – 24th December 2020

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Of Land and Air – Book Review

Title: Of Land and Air Author: Meghan Rhine Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi Rating: Four stars * * * My Review This book would make such a cool movie! Rachel Collins is a senior in high school with big dreams. Her parents want her to go to college, get a good job and follow in their footsteps. But… Continue reading Of Land and Air – Book Review

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Poppies – Book Review

Title: Poppies Author: Ashlea Adams Genre: Paranormal Rating: Four stars "Cold cases, cold coffee, rushing into situations other people run from - being a cop is tough. But it gets even tougher when the particulars of the case don't match up with the way the world is supposed to be. But some investigators take these… Continue reading Poppies – Book Review