Free Book By Karen Tomlinson

Another free book for you this week, no sign-ups required. I've heard good things about Karen Tomlinson's books, though I haven't yet read her work - I have joined her group on Facebook though because it looks kinda cool in there. At first glance, Wrecked looks like a shifter romance and it's got a good… Continue reading Free Book By Karen Tomlinson

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Karma Incarnate – Book Review

Title: Karma Incarnate Author: Shannon McRoberts Genre: Magic realism Rating: Four stars My Review I have absolutely nothing to prove this book exists other than this review at the moment, as I don't think it has a release date and isn't up for pre-order. Therefore, no cover, no blurb and only my account that it… Continue reading Karma Incarnate – Book Review

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The End Of The “What I’m Reading” Segment

If you've followed this blog for a while, you will know about the recent changes in my professional life, but if you're new, here's the run-down. I've decided to take a crack at full-timing it as an author, which is something I've always wanted to do. So far, I'm really enjoying the process and working… Continue reading The End Of The “What I’m Reading” Segment