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Reading Round-Up: 20th – 26th November 2020

Finishing reading anything this week felt like a miracle. Even a story as short as The Pixie's Power, which I managed to read and review for yesterday. Here's this week's cliff notes: we finally moved! We filled up a van and made the trip from London to the new Sussex house (three times) and we're… Continue reading Reading Round-Up: 20th – 26th November 2020

Book Reviews, Four Stars

The Pixie’s Power – Book Review

Title: The Pixie's Power Author: Nicholas Woode-Smith Genre: Urban fantasy Rating: 4 Stars "It has been awhile since Duer the Pixie was on his own world. And he has long since given up trying to get back. But that doesn’t mean it’s become any easier to make a home for himself on Earth. But with… Continue reading The Pixie’s Power – Book Review


Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Fair and Giveaway

We've got a giveaway with a twist this week - it's coupled with a fantasy and sci-fi book fair! This online book fair features a huge collection of fantasy and sci-fi books written by indie authors. Some of these books are free, some have price tags and some are available on Kindle Unlimited, so it's… Continue reading Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Fair and Giveaway

Book Reviews, Five Stars

Touch of Darkness – Book Review

Title: Touch of Darkness Author: Dawn Husted Genre: Urban fantasy Rating: 5 Stars "Wanting to leave his supernatural family behind, seventeen-year-old Thanatos runs away. Against his better judgment, he befriends an ordinary girl. But it won't be long until the darkness he's hiding from comes calling--he can't hide forever." * * * My Review My… Continue reading Touch of Darkness – Book Review