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A Dragon’s Rebirth – Book Review

Title: A Dragon's Rebirth Author: Caitlynn Barr Genre: Fantasy Rating: Four stars "The Withering Realms is a world in turmoil. While the mage and human factions vie for the upper hand over one another in a generations long conflict, the Draconian, a species of dragon shifters, fight to balance the world. Kio Rongaven is one… Continue reading A Dragon’s Rebirth – Book Review

What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile – The Collision

About eighteen months ago, I became significantly more picky about which review requests I accepted from authors. Some book bloggers refuse to read indie books, and most of us have genre specifications. But these days I tend to look a little deeper than beyond cover and blurb. After clashing with an author who requested an… Continue reading What’s on the reading pile – The Collision

The Anxious Author

2 Awesome Tools For World Building – The Anxious Author

World building can be incredibly therapeutic. There's something about creating a world of our own design that can give us a sense of peace. Maybe it's the fact that we get a say over all the laws, or that we can create a cool new species of magical dog, but world building is a really… Continue reading 2 Awesome Tools For World Building – The Anxious Author

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Kiss Me Deadly – Book Review

Title: Kiss Me Deadly Author: Jessie Thomas Genre: Urban fantasy Rating: Four stars "A necromancer and a vampire walk into a cemetery...and if you're wondering how this joke ends, that makes two of us. I'm Seraphina Mason, Buffalo's only resident necromancer. While other people are on normal sleep schedules doing regular human things, I spend… Continue reading Kiss Me Deadly – Book Review