Book Reviews, Two Stars

Nearly Drowned – Book Review

Title: Nearly Drowned Author: TR Moore Ede Genre: Christian Urban Fantasy Rating: Two stars "Malissa Crop always thought she would live a normal human life. She will soon discover she is wrong; in more ways than one. Maybe normal was always a bit of a stretch, but what does it matter that although she doesn’t… Continue reading Nearly Drowned – Book Review

What's on the TBR pile?

What’s On The Reading Pile: Of Land and Air

I knew I missed reading full-length novels while I was on the short-story break for the last several weeks. But I didn't quite realise how much until I slipped into the bath and booted up the e-reader the other day. One novel finished all in one go, review to come on Wednesday. It's not just… Continue reading What’s On The Reading Pile: Of Land and Air


The Vampire Diaries Giveaway

Remember The Vampire Diaries? That and Twilight were leading the way during the height of the vampire obsession. I watched several seasons of the TV show and read one of the books - it's either one or the other because they aren't that consistent with each other. The TV show was pretty entertaining and the… Continue reading The Vampire Diaries Giveaway

Book Reviews, Five Stars

Switch – Book Review

Title: Switch Author: Lindsey R. Loucks & Rebecca Hamilton Genre: Urban fantasy Rating: 5 Stars "Elemental fae and bomb squad specialist Myla Snow must find the bomb in the subway tunnel to save Mystic City from a cult of witches." * * * My Review Wow, this story is a short, short story but it's… Continue reading Switch – Book Review

The Anxious Author

The Importance of Taking a Week Off…At Least – The Anxious Author

Fiction authors are compulsive creatures. We kill characters, start new projects and post our writerly frustrations to social media with reckless abandon. Perhaps most importantly, we write compulsively. I am one of the worst culprits for descending into a writing spiral. Getting so caught up in creating a story that it becomes all you can… Continue reading The Importance of Taking a Week Off…At Least – The Anxious Author