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Top 5 Best Witches

*siren sounding* *blue and red lights flashing* Halloween is 2 days away, people! 2 days! If you don't have your costume, your candy and your bottles of blue vodka, y'all are unprepared! It's me...I'm y'all...I do have the candy but I wouldn't give that away if you paid me. Move along, kids. While I might… Continue reading Top 5 Best Witches

The Secret Library Encyclopedia

#Supernatural Creatures: #Angels – The Secret Library Encyclopedia

You had to know this one was coming soon. Angels - the embodiment of all things good, pure, and wholesome. They watch over us, battle unseen evils, and occasionally tumble into the depths of hell on their off days. What they look like? Like most supernatural creatures, it depends who you ask! But we can… Continue reading #Supernatural Creatures: #Angels – The Secret Library Encyclopedia

The Secret Library Encyclopedia

#Supernatural Creatures #Sirens – The Secret Library Encyclopedia

Supernatural women-folk don't get the best rep, and honestly, I think we should embrace that. It backs up our street cred - we are badasses, magical or not, not fragile daises easily crushed under the heel of a boot. Sirens bring the magical wrath! Back before 5BC, Sirens used to be women and men, but… Continue reading #Supernatural Creatures #Sirens – The Secret Library Encyclopedia

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#Announcement – Vox Saeth is coming March 2019!

We interrupt your usual supernatural creatures broadcast to bring you this: Evening y'all! You may have noticed that the Vox Saeth stories have been taken down from The Secret Library as of a few days ago and I'd like to announce why. They are getting turned into a book of short stories! I took some… Continue reading #Announcement – Vox Saeth is coming March 2019!

Book Reviews, Five Stars

#UrbanFantasy #BookReview – Nairobi Jack, by Monique Martin

Blurb "Jack Wells barely has time to recover from his last assignment when he’s sent on a new mission. He’s an emergency replacement and there isn’t time for the usual prep. All he knows is the name of the man, David Grant, and where he’ll find him, 1932 Nairobi, Kenya. In Colonial Africa, wild animals… Continue reading #UrbanFantasy #BookReview – Nairobi Jack, by Monique Martin