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The Supernatural Encyclopedia Presents: Vampires

Urban fantasy and magic realism wouldn't be what they are without the mysterious, and the powerful - supernatural creatures. Magic runs through their veins, and they were either born with it, or found it, but we love them either way. The Secret Library is going to spend the next several weeks celebrating supernatural creatures from… Continue reading The Supernatural Encyclopedia Presents: Vampires

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3 Books That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Zombies. Drowning. Being chased through a magical forest by a jelly bean. If you haven't experienced a haunting, and perhaps weird, nightmare, you are one of the lucky ones. Movies don't need to try very hard to creep us out enough to give us bad dreams, but books need to try a little harder. When… Continue reading 3 Books That Will Haunt Your Dreams

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4 Signs You’re a Reader Who Needs to Start Writing

You're a bookworm without a cause. You read so much sometimes it gets in the way of your day-to-day. Some people say you read too much, but what do they know? Having a book on your lap to sneak a peek at during Christmas dinner is completely normal. It is. You've delved head-first into every book… Continue reading 4 Signs You’re a Reader Who Needs to Start Writing