Book Reviews, Five Stars

Book Review – The Daemoniac

Title: The Daemoniac Author: Kat Ross Genre: Urban fantasy/crime thriller Rating: Five stars       Blurb: "It's August 1888, just three weeks before Jack the Ripper will terrorize Whitechapel, and another murderer is stalking the streets of New York. His handiwork bears the hallmarks of a demonic possession--but amateur sleuth Harrison Fearing Pell is… Continue reading Book Review – The Daemoniac

Book Reviews, Two Stars

#BookReview – Moonlight, Roses and Murder by Jazzmyn Storm

Blurb "Selina is a woman with a secret and she has been hiding it for a very long time. With her nieces, she runs Luna's, a nightclub in downtown Seattle, catering to Steampunk and Goth clientele. When someone leaves a body behind her club, she is drawn into a web of mystery and murder. Puncture… Continue reading #BookReview – Moonlight, Roses and Murder by Jazzmyn Storm

Book Reviews, Four Stars

#BookReview – Corpus Delecti by Jade Black (MCIS Anthology)

Confession time. This week I couldn't finish reading the latest read in time for this week's book review. Darn it all to Hades. So for this week's review we have an urban fantasy short story featured in the anthology "Magical Crime Scene Investigation" - Corpus Delecti by Jade Black.   Four Stars! Who's driving this thing?… Continue reading #BookReview – Corpus Delecti by Jade Black (MCIS Anthology)