#1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts

What’s #1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts?

The┬áTeen & Young Adult Urban Fantasy & Paranormal┬áchart is usually chock full of indie books and in truth, that's what I chose it. The regular urban fantasy charts tend to have the likes of J.K. Rowling topping them on a permanent basis which wouldn't make this a very interesting feature. But lately, the Teen &… Continue reading What’s #1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts?

The Secret Library Encyclopedia

#Supernatural Creatures #Familiars – The Secret Library Encyclopedia

Magical. Helpful. Often fluffy. Familiars! I've wanted to write about familiars for ages. They are the magical animal best friends we would all love to have. Typically, familiars are associated with witches and warlocks, and they tend to be portrayed as cats or toads. Though, let's give credit to the Wizarding World, owls are crazy… Continue reading #Supernatural Creatures #Familiars – The Secret Library Encyclopedia