Secrets Of The Mermaid Giveaway

Mermaids are coming back into fashion again, after a brief stint of popularity in the 90s. At least, they are in the indie publishing world! Today's giveaway is celebrating the release of a new book "Secrets of the Mermaid" by Catherine Stine. There's a neat bundle of goodies up for grabs here, including a signed… Continue reading Secrets Of The Mermaid Giveaway

What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile – Scars of Cereba

The Secret Library is coming up to its three year anniversary. Still not entirely sure when it is, all I know is it's coming! It still seems impossible that the blog has been around for that long, as it only started out as a means to share thoughts and opinions on the books I read.… Continue reading What’s on the reading pile – Scars of Cereba