Another Full Series Giveaway!

Remember last week when we gave away a whole series? We're doing the same thing this week! Series giveaways are the best kind. A whole package of books you can just plough through without even blinking. No Amazon searches for the next book and no worrying if the book you bought actually¬†is the next one… Continue reading Another Full Series Giveaway!

Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round Up: 30th Jan – 5th February 2020

I've finished my latest graphic novel, which are few and far between anyway and they don't actually take that much time to read. In fact, there's not much to talk about really. They're always done and dusted within an hour, if that. Now I'm onto picture-less books again. It's hard to be sad or happy… Continue reading Reading Round Up: 30th Jan – 5th February 2020

Book Reviews

The Rift – Book Review

Title: The Rift Author: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko et al. Genre: Fantasy Rating: Five stars   "Avatar Aang and friends honor an Air Nomad holiday that hasn't been celebrated in over one hundred years, but when cryptic visits from the spirit of Avatar Yangchen lead Aang to a refinery operating on land sacred to… Continue reading The Rift – Book Review

Top 5

Top 5 Books That Weren’t What I Expected

  We're on to February's Top 5 topics this week. (Only 5 more months until we start thinking about Christmas!) Shana at¬†Bionic Book Worm is carrying on Top 5s for the rest of February, too. Let's hope we have topics for the rest of the year, I love this segment. This week the topic is… Continue reading Top 5 Books That Weren’t What I Expected