YA Royalty Giveaway

A bit of fantasy to start your weekend. This week's giveaway focuses on the genre on YA royalty. We're talking princes, princesses, possibly a few dragons and quite definitely some historical romance. Possibly highly forbidden romance! Lots of YA royalty books up for grabs in this giveaway as well as a fantasy themed candle, tote… Continue reading YA Royalty Giveaway

Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 11th – 17th September 2020

I had a mini-disaster this week. Ever since I made the decision to take my author career seriously ten months ago, I started to get organised. You know what that means for an author: many, many notebooks. One for a new series - no, wait - two, maybe three. A big one for world building.… Continue reading Reading Round-Up: 11th – 17th September 2020

Book Reviews, Five Stars

Aaravale – Book Review

Title: Aaravale Author: Rachel Pudsey Genre: Fantasy Rating: Five stars "A single wish on the stars. A journey to end a curse. A land on the brink of destruction. Abigail’s quest to end the curse on the stars and right the wrongs of her wish has far surpassed any preconceptions she held. Her quiet village… Continue reading Aaravale – Book Review


A Grishaverse Giveaway

Oh wow, is it Friday already? No wonder this year has flown by! Not going to lie, it feels really close to Christmas right about now. I don't mean to offend the Halloween enthusiasts but for some reason September has me thinking about buying presents for the big day. Probably has nothing to do with… Continue reading A Grishaverse Giveaway

Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 4th – 10th September 2020

We're living in a time when nothing seems real, so it's easy to believe that everything is just a dream. Including the fact that it is now September. I live in London, UK and in the last few months, almost the entire city has realised that they can work from home all the time. Nobody… Continue reading Reading Round-Up: 4th – 10th September 2020