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#BookReview The Tiger with a Sapphire Eye

Title: The Tiger with a Sapphire Eye Author: H. Scott Thomas Genre: Magic realism/historical fantasy Rating: 5 stars   Blurb: "London 1938. Fifteen-year-old Arabella Swain and her cousin Humphrey are spending a long, hot summer under the watchful eye of their housekeeper Mrs McKay, completely unaware of the adventure and danger which await them. Thousands… Continue reading #BookReview The Tiger with a Sapphire Eye

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May’s Reading Catch-Up

May was a pioneering month! Not in any great ways, just this one: I started posting on social media offering reviews to indie authors to feature on The Secret Library. So far, I've picked out speculative fiction books and reviewed them, but I wanted to integrate a bit more into the indie author world. May… Continue reading May’s Reading Catch-Up

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Freiyon Fables #BookReview

Title: Freiyon Fables Author: Justin T. Hunt Genre: Fantasy/Middle Grade Rating: DNF -  did not finish Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.   Blurb: "The world of Freiyon! Magical, mysterious, frightening, clever, mystical! It's a place where animals and trees can walk and talk like humans… Continue reading Freiyon Fables #BookReview

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Mira’s Griffin #BookReview

Blurb: "Fifteen-year-old Mira was one of the first to hear the native’s warning, but she would rather climb mountains than hide in the confining village. Her gift of translating for her tongue-tied sister only ties her down. Then she discovers Freko, a young griffin who saves her from falling.  Mira believes that griffins are unaware… Continue reading Mira’s Griffin #BookReview

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3 Kick-Ass Reads for Slytherins

When they're not plotting world domination, Slytherins like to read, too. Just kidding Slytherins, we know you're all right. But we can't deny that Slytherins sometimes have a streaks a little darker than others. Whether it be black humour or just watching murdering documentaries (and making notes for later.) Never fear Slytherins, we have a… Continue reading 3 Kick-Ass Reads for Slytherins