Free Book – Ascension

Giveaways are a bit thin on the ground lately, but there are free books aplenty! I've been giving some thought to Friday's giveaway segment lately and have a question to ask: what do you prefer? Giveaways or a free e-book? Giveaways promise a lot of cool book-related swag in addition to books but my main… Continue reading Free Book – Ascension


Free Book Fair #1 – Giveaway

I really enjoy doing Courtney Cannon giveaways, the prizes are always up there on the fun scale. But her giveaways are only applicable for USA applicants and it's only fair to include some giveaways that are international. Like last week's giveaway hosted by Maria Vermisoglou. (It's still open by the way!) For a big chunk… Continue reading Free Book Fair #1 – Giveaway

What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile: Summer Court

I'm known to read the occasional erotic book ever so often but here we are, three erotic books in and two more to go! On advice from Nox Witch Book Life (check out her blog!) I've decided not to take a break from this series and carry on reading. It's not because the Tarot Witches… Continue reading What’s on the reading pile: Summer Court


Tarot Witches – Free Series

I absolutely had to make a feature for this because this isn't just a free book, it's a free series. No wait, it's not just a free series. It's a free series by S.M. Reine! If you don't know who S.M. Reine is, come out from under that rock and read my review of her… Continue reading Tarot Witches – Free Series