Witchy Side Hustle – Free Book

When I read the blurb for this book, I definitely did a double-take. Witches have magic at their fingertips, surely they don't need side hustles? Apparently, while they're still in witch school, they need a little cash on the side. A first in a four-book series, this book is all about magic, a sexy boss,… Continue reading Witchy Side Hustle – Free Book

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Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Fair & Giveaway

Good news for anyone with or without Kindle Unlimited: we have a fantasy and sci-fi book fair chock-full of awesome books that are paid, free, and on Kindle Unlimited! Valkyrie Cursed is also taking part in this book fair as a featured new release, currently available on Kindle Unlimited (in case you missed the two… Continue reading Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Fair & Giveaway


Free Lindsey Sparks Book

The indie book world is so vast that I'm constantly stumbling across bestsellers I've never heard of before. I had a similar discussion with a bookish friend the other day: we hardly read traditionally published books anymore, because the variety and quantity just isn't there. I love me a good trad book every so often,… Continue reading Free Lindsey Sparks Book


Free Book By Karen Tomlinson

Another free book for you this week, no sign-ups required. I've heard good things about Karen Tomlinson's books, though I haven't yet read her work - I have joined her group on Facebook though because it looks kinda cool in there. At first glance, Wrecked looks like a shifter romance and it's got a good… Continue reading Free Book By Karen Tomlinson