Free Book Fair #1 – Giveaway

I really enjoy doing Courtney Cannon giveaways, the prizes are always up there on the fun scale. But her giveaways are only applicable for USA applicants and it's only fair to include some giveaways that are international. Like last week's giveaway hosted by Maria Vermisoglou. (It's still open by the way!) For a big chunk… Continue reading Free Book Fair #1 – Giveaway


Tarot Witches – Free Series

I absolutely had to make a feature for this because this isn't just a free book, it's a free series. No wait, it's not just a free series. It's a free series by S.M. Reine! If you don't know who S.M. Reine is, come out from under that rock and read my review of her… Continue reading Tarot Witches – Free Series


Drawing Dead by S.M. Reine – Giveaway

I was really excited when I saw that Drawing Dead by S.M. Reine is currently free because this is an awesome read! S.M. Reine has created her own niche in the urban fantasy sub-genre and it's not only insanely popular but incredibly well-written. I read Drawing Dead a few years ago but for some reason… Continue reading Drawing Dead by S.M. Reine – Giveaway


Shaking Up the Giveaways!

Now Darkness Rising is no longer doing weekly giveaways, I had to have a think about what to do for this giveaway feature. It's always great helping authors spread the word about their books through giveaways and to give you a chance to get some free stuff. But giveaways specifically for urban fantasy and paranormal… Continue reading Shaking Up the Giveaways!

Book Reviews, Five Stars

Bride of the Sea – Book Review

Title: Bride of the Sea Author: Emma Hamm Genre: Fantasy/fairytale Rating: Five stars   "Once upon a timeā€¦ Saoirse dreams of land. Her father has other plans, and intends to marry her off as soon as possible. When a ship sinks near her home, she carries the only surviving sailor to a faerie blessed isle… Continue reading Bride of the Sea – Book Review