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#BookReview Pike by Brea Viragh

"Lavinia Cutler can see the future. Sometimes. Not well. It was a charm-gone-wrong from a spell book, and the only thing she could see with startling clarity was the man she’d find to love. The man who would break her heart. There is more than meets the eye to Pike Radclyffe. It’s not just his… Continue reading #BookReview Pike by Brea Viragh

Book Reviews

Review: Out of Time – A Time Travel Mystery

  Five out of five stars! Ever fancied a jaunt through 1920s New York? “Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery” introduces University Professor Simon Cross and his post-graduate assistant Elizabeth West in this captivating time travel romance. This is the first of ten books in the “Out of Time” series by Monique Martin, and… Continue reading Review: Out of Time – A Time Travel Mystery

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4 Ways to Get Your Hands on Free Reads

You have an addiction. Slightly more socially acceptable than hard drugs but still looked down on as an isolating and time-wasting hobby by some: reading. Once you’ve had that first hit, it’s tough to go back, but who the hell wants to? If you’re one of those people who’s always reading, you’re probably always looking for something new… Continue reading 4 Ways to Get Your Hands on Free Reads