Giveaway Saturday!

Why are there so many giveaways? Because authors are always releasing books! It's a great time we live in when there are that many new books and freebies bouncing around. Everything else is going down the toilet but hey, we have books! This week's giveaway comes courtesy of Maria Vermisoglou who is giving away a… Continue reading Giveaway Saturday!

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#NewRelease – Prophecy of Magic (Blog Hop)

This week on the new release feature I'm helping out the awesome authors in the Prophecy of Magic boxed set by being a stop in their page hop! Check out the details below and you could be in for a chance to win $100 worth of Amazon gift cards! 🔮🔮 Welcome to the Prophecy of Magic Page… Continue reading #NewRelease – Prophecy of Magic (Blog Hop)

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Giveaway Winner Announcement

We have a winner! Just to remind you, The Secret Library Book Blog reached 200 followers and to celebrate, I decided to have a bit of a giveaway. $10 Amazon Gift Card to a random commenter telling me their favourite book and a funny word. (Some of them definitely earned an LOL) The giveaway ran for the whole… Continue reading Giveaway Winner Announcement