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3 Kick-Ass Magical Reads for Gryffindors

Don't tell me you don't know what your Hogwarts house is, that's impossible. Literally impossible. Everyone knows their Hogwarts house, right? (If you really don't know, you can find out here. I won't tell anyone, I promise!) We're not just Hogwarts fans, we are wannabe students and there is no cooler school to learn magic.… Continue reading 3 Kick-Ass Magical Reads for Gryffindors

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#BookReview – Blaze by Monique Martin

Blurb "London, 1904 - All Artemis wants for her 16th birthday is a fancy new dress and maybe a few stolen sips of champagne. What she gets is a fiery sword and an inescapable destiny. She's the Blaze--fated to protect the city from Darkness. With all of two days training, she must strike back against… Continue reading #BookReview – Blaze by Monique Martin

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#BookReview – When The Walls Fell by Monique Martin

Blurb "Professor Simon Cross and his assistant Elizabeth West have returned from their accidental journey into the past and are adjusting to their new life together as a couple. But an unwanted visit from the Council for Temporal Studies could change everything. A murder in the past is changing the future, and if the killing… Continue reading #BookReview – When The Walls Fell by Monique Martin

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#UrbanFantasy #BookReview – Nairobi Jack, by Monique Martin

Blurb "Jack Wells barely has time to recover from his last assignment when he’s sent on a new mission. He’s an emergency replacement and there isn’t time for the usual prep. All he knows is the name of the man, David Grant, and where he’ll find him, 1932 Nairobi, Kenya. In Colonial Africa, wild animals… Continue reading #UrbanFantasy #BookReview – Nairobi Jack, by Monique Martin

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The Secret Library Review: The Edge of Dark by Pamela Hartshorne

Blurb "Be careful what you wish for. Jane believes in keeping her promises, but a deathbed vow sets her on a twisting path of deceit and joy that takes her from the dark secrets of Holmwood House in York to the sign of the golden lily in London's Mincing Lane. Getting what you want, Jane discovers,… Continue reading The Secret Library Review: The Edge of Dark by Pamela Hartshorne