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The Necromancer’s Bride – Book Review

Title: The Necromancer's Bride Author: Kat Ross Genre: Urban Fantasy Rating: Five stars "Forgiveness is not Gabriel D’Ange’s strong suit. A self-appointed soldier of God with a penchant for ruthlessly punishing his enemies, he vanished after Anne Lawrence stabbed him with his own dagger. The smart thing would be to let him go. Unfortunately, Anne’s… Continue reading The Necromancer’s Bride – Book Review

What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile? 4/5/2020

Anyone else wondering where the year went? We're barely out of Spring and it already feels like Christmas is just around the corner. Or maybe May just gives me notions of time passing faster on account of it being my birthday month. Life does feel like it's whizzing past at lightning speed when you're staring… Continue reading What’s on the reading pile? 4/5/2020

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Wake of the Sadico – Book Review

Title: Wake of the Sadico Author: Jo Sparkes Genre: Magic realism/Horror/Suspense Rating: Three stars ** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ** ** Beware the spoilers! ** "A trap laid centuries ago – for five souls moved on to new lives. Set by the one they left… Continue reading Wake of the Sadico – Book Review

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Top 5 Authors P-T

How is your personal quarantine going? If you've got more books than toilet paper, I salute your priorities. With enough tea, chocolate and reading material, we'll get through this pandemic smoother than a plotline seconds before a devastating plot twist. Just, without the plot twist...hopefully. We bloggers, led by blogger extraordinaire Shana at Bionic Bookworm… Continue reading Top 5 Authors P-T

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Top 5 Authors K-O

We're halfway through the alphabet this week in Shana at Bionic Bookworm's challenge to recommend one author for every letter of the alphabet. The first half of the alphabet was a breeze but something tells me this week could be a bit of a challenge. However, this list does have one of my favourite authors… Continue reading Top 5 Authors K-O