Costa Rican Holiday Giveaway

Welcome to the mother of all giveaways. We have had giveaways week after week as a part of the Darkness Rising boxed set and this is the crowning jewel. The Darkness Rising team has put together this incredible giveaway for one lucky winner to get a holiday to the beautiful country of Costa Rica! Here's… Continue reading Costa Rican Holiday Giveaway

For Avid Readers

4 Ways to Get Your Hands on Free Reads

You have an addiction. Slightly more socially acceptable than hard drugs but still looked down on as an isolating and time-wasting hobby by some: reading. Once you’ve had that first hit, it’s tough to go back, but who the hell wants to? If you’re one of those people who’s always reading, you’re probably always looking for something new… Continue reading 4 Ways to Get Your Hands on Free Reads