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Fear of Failure – The Anxious Author Guest Post

Heads up Anxious Authors! This week we have a guest post by the ever so talented Kim Petersen who is popping in to talk about fear of failure and how we can overcome it. Take it away, Kim!   Fear of Failure – How Changing the Way We Look at Fear Can Help Creativity Some… Continue reading Fear of Failure – The Anxious Author Guest Post

Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round Up: 27th Feb – 4th March 2020

I had a reading first this week. If you read yesterday's book review of Blood Legend: Undead, you'll know that I missed my stop on the tube the other day because I was so engrossed. You'd think it was annoying but I was actually kinda happy about it. I mean, if I too busy reading to… Continue reading Reading Round Up: 27th Feb – 4th March 2020

Top 5

Top 5 Authors A-Z (Authors A, B, C, D and E)

Did you know March is a five week month? When I found out a part of me groaned on account of making this month's paycheque stretch an extra week further. Aren't our bank accounts still recovering from Christmas? But the rest of me was pretty excited because it meant I got to take part in… Continue reading Top 5 Authors A-Z (Authors A, B, C, D and E)

Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Thoughts

I've reached the unfortunate moment in every month when I have run out of money in my book budget. And we've still got weeks left of January. It really is the hardest month. Yesterday me and my husband gave our little one-bedroom flat a thorough spring cleaning. (If you know how tiny London apartments are, you… Continue reading Sunday Thoughts

News and Updates

Taking Care of Business (Every daaaaay)

This week I attended a book marketing seminar. The kind where you make new business contacts, so you're sorta obliged to wear makeup. The cool thing about these seminars is that they are JUST like a class in high school, but with a teacher who doesn't have to stay up grading papers until 1am. OK,… Continue reading Taking Care of Business (Every daaaaay)