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Manoeuvring Uncharted Waters

Next week, my first-in-series urban fantasy romance, Valkyrie Cursed, hits the shelves. I've released books before, but never like this. This entire series has come about due to hundreds of hours researching self-publishing, learning marketing techniques, and diving into the insatiable world of advertising. This has been an eye-opening and really enjoyable experience, which further… Continue reading Manoeuvring Uncharted Waters

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Contessa Of Rebellion – Book Review

Title: Contessa of Rebellion Author: Shannon McRoberts Genre: Historical Fantasy Rating: Four stars "To save her people, she must marry the villain. Lady Alessandra, eldest daughter of Contessa Lia, just buried her mother. Altamonte tradition dictates Alessandra must pick up the mantle of Contessa as the first-born daughter. As Alessandra prepares to accept her duties… Continue reading Contessa Of Rebellion – Book Review

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I’m A Plotter By Nature

Writers tend to categorise themselves in a futile attempt to understand the writing process, and two of these categories are "plotting" and "pantsing". Plotters draw up meticulous plans before writing their books so they know exactly who does what, when, where, and how. They will typically know everything about a scene before they write it,… Continue reading I’m A Plotter By Nature

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This Pandemic Changed My Life – And I Hope It Stays This Way

There's no chance at all that I am the only person who has had their life irreversibly turned upside down by the last fifteen months. A global pandemic is a once in a lifetime occurrence, and its changed things we once thought untouchable: the locations of work and school, mask-less shopping, and trust in science.… Continue reading This Pandemic Changed My Life – And I Hope It Stays This Way

What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile – Sleepless

With millions of indie published books hitting the digital shelves every year, it's difficult sometimes to know the experienced authors with quality books from the not so experienced authors who have a few lessons to learn. When I find an indie author who does an amazing job of creating an enjoyable book, I make sure… Continue reading What’s on the reading pile – Sleepless