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Top 5 Funniest Characters

Top 5 Tuesday is here again and this week Shana at Bionic Bookworm has asked the question: what are the funniest characters we've ever read? Love the question but it's really hard! We all find different things funny, so I guess I'll define what my idea of a funny character is. Wise-cracking characters. Characters that… Continue reading Top 5 Funniest Characters

Sunday Thoughts


It's party time! My three weeks of holiday just started and I'm ready to rock, and by rock I mean read, write and calligraph myself into a coma. You know, introvert stuff. Candles, incense and blankets will probably be involved. Oh, and tea! Having said that, urban fantasy TV is looking really interesting lately. Although¬†Sabrina¬†has… Continue reading #SundayThoughts

Book Reviews

Rise of the White Witch #BookReview

Title: Rise of the White Witch Author: Jeremy Smith Genre: Urban fantasy/magic realism Rating: Five stars     Blurb: "With new-found friends and magical powers growing, life seems to be improving for Tilly Hart. Christmas is only a snowflake away, and with a sprig of mistletoe on standby to entice Richard, what could possibly go… Continue reading Rise of the White Witch #BookReview

New Releases

#NewRelease – Death Trap

Title: Death Trap Author: Harper A. Brooks Genre: Urban fantasy/magic realism Release date: 15th June 2019   Blurb: "As a reaper, Jade Blackwell mistakenly believed her job would be as simple as helping souls cross over after death. And maybe it would be, if the Angel of Death wasn't out to get her. With no… Continue reading #NewRelease – Death Trap

Tea for Readers

Teas for Readers 104

Whelp, we're still melting. Nothing for it but ice cold baths, fans and frappucinos. Because it's still crazy hot, I wanted to explore a few teas that are refreshing but still hot. I've downed three times my bodyweight in peach iced tea in the last few days to stay cool and because I'm a shameless… Continue reading Teas for Readers 104