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New Book Alert! Pssst…It’s Mine!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled updates to bring you this: My new book is coming out next week!   Vox Saeth: The Voice of Seven follows Saeth, a shape-shifting Private Investigator who solves day-to-day mysteries in the city of London, UK. Join Saeth on three of his craziest cases as he tries to solve the drama… Continue reading New Book Alert! Pssst…It’s Mine!

News and Updates

Catching up on all the magic: Supernatural TV

For some inexplicable reason, I had the urge to watch Twilight: Eclipse the other night. A fit of madness coupled with a glass of wine or two apparently takes me to the vampire zone. I watched, wondered how I could ever have thought it was good, and then trawled through Netflix looking for better supernatural… Continue reading Catching up on all the magic: Supernatural TV

Book Reviews

Testimony of the Damned by K.G. Reuss #BookReview

Blurb: "I am not a good man.  Wait, that’s a lie. I’m not even a man anymore. Signing away my eternity to the Devil kind of erased what makes me human. Corrupting and collecting souls is my job now. The perks are good—fun, sin, highs, sex, and climbing the demonic ranks of the lower kingdom. … Continue reading Testimony of the Damned by K.G. Reuss #BookReview

For Avid Readers

If Magic was Real: Spellbooks

I take my notebook collection very seriously. They have their own shelves, they must not be looked at, and if there is so much as an ink smudge out of place, my heart breaks. (How could I have been so careless?) Yet, I know people who bend the ears of the pages, colour outside the lines… Continue reading If Magic was Real: Spellbooks

For Avid Readers

When Seances Go Wrong

Still got that Ouija board upstairs in the attic? Let's have a séance. The staple of every sleepover, a séance is the coolest thing we did as teenagers. Experimenting with summoning ghosts, or demons if we were feeling really crazy, was the kind of danger we were after. Whatever we brought back from the dead,… Continue reading When Seances Go Wrong