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The 2022 Forecast

If I haven't mentioned it already, November was "National Novel Writing Month" which challenges writers to write 50,000 words in one month. For the first year ever, I didn't make it, and it had me a little bit gobsmacked. This is literally my job now, how come it didn't happen? There are a few reasons,… Continue reading The 2022 Forecast

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Midlife Witch Unexpected – Book Review

Title: Midlife Witch Unexpected Author: Melle Amande Genre: Magic Realism Rating: Four stars "Middle-aged and starting over is the last thing I ever wanted on my bucket list. But since my husband announced he was gay and my daughter left for college, I don’t really have a choice. If I’m going to get my "Happily… Continue reading Midlife Witch Unexpected – Book Review

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Hellfire Pack – Book Review

Title: Hellfire Pack Author: Bella Klaus Genre: Urban Fantasy Rating: Four stars "Hell hath no fury like a rejected mate. Five years ago, my mate rejected me and stole my pack. Instead of licking my wounds, I set that mangy wolf on fire. The Supernatural Council executed me, and my soul went to the deepest… Continue reading Hellfire Pack – Book Review

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Thorn – Book Review

Title: Thorn Author: Brittni Chenelle Genre: Fantasy Rating: Four stars "When there's nothing left to lose in life, it can't hurt to trust a traitor. It’s impossible not to get dragged into Valerie's chaos. Just when I’m certain where she stands as a ruthless traitor, she dangles the one thing I’d die for in front… Continue reading Thorn – Book Review