What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile: Blood and Stakes

Oh boy, I've never been so happy to see Monday. Today I had another 4am start but it marks the beginning of two weeks with minimal working hours. Plenty of time to get back on track with reading, writing and book promotion, all of which I'm behind on. Better yet, halfway through my husband and… Continue reading What’s on the reading pile: Blood and Stakes

Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 21st – 27th August

Yet again, despite best intentions, I barely finished this book by the skin of my teeth. I blame work. Wholeheartedly. Unpredictable times means unpredictable circumstances for me and everyone I work with at my day job. Getting back home past midnight because we're short-staffed, sometimes because colleagues have emergencies they have to run home to.… Continue reading Reading Round-Up: 21st – 27th August

Book Reviews, Five Stars

The Shadow of Kyoshi – Book Review

Title: The Shadow of Kyoshi Author: F.C. Yee Genre: Fantasy Rating: Five stars "Kyoshi’s place as the true Avatar has finally been cemented—but at a heavy cost. With her mentors gone, Kyoshi voyages across the Four Nations, struggling to keep the peace. But while her reputation grows, a mysterious threat emerges from the Spirit World.… Continue reading The Shadow of Kyoshi – Book Review


A Wickedly Witchy Giveaway

It's about time we had a witchy giveaway! I grew up reading witches and wizards. The Worst Witch, Harry Potter and plenty of Roald Dahl's classics like The Witches and The Magic Finger were among my favourites. My most fervent wish as a child was to go to Hogwarts and learn magic. Being a witch… Continue reading A Wickedly Witchy Giveaway

Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 14th – 20th August 2020

I finished Baptism of Fire just in time to post a review this week and I'm a bit annoyed that I didn't finish it early. I don't like being on time, that's cutting it too close. Ahead of schedule is where you want to be. Luckily, I've started reading a book this week that is… Continue reading Reading Round-Up: 14th – 20th August 2020