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Showing off my cool UF merch

I don't brag about much. I can't talk myself up in an interview to save my life but I will gush about my Harry Potter merch until you fall asleep. Guaranteed you'll be catching z's before 9pm, including you insomniacs out there. In fact, if you are an insomniac give me a call, I charge… Continue reading Showing off my cool UF merch

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If Magic was Real: Spellbooks

I take my notebook collection very seriously. They have their own shelves, they must not be looked at, and if there is so much as an ink smudge out of place, my heart breaks. (How could I have been so careless?) Yet, I know people who bend the ears of the pages, colour outside the lines… Continue reading If Magic was Real: Spellbooks

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When Seances Go Wrong

Still got that Ouija board upstairs in the attic? Let's have a séance. The staple of every sleepover, a séance is the coolest thing we did as teenagers. Experimenting with summoning ghosts, or demons if we were feeling really crazy, was the kind of danger we were after. Whatever we brought back from the dead,… Continue reading When Seances Go Wrong

The Secret Library Encyclopedia

#Magical #Jobs – Supernatural Travel Agent

Supernaturals and humans have a few things in common and this is one of them: they love to travel. No guesses as to who is using teleportation circles instead of EasyJet. Adios, airport security! So, as all-powerful and sunhat toting supernaturals, why do we need a supernatural travel agent? What can they tell us that… Continue reading #Magical #Jobs – Supernatural Travel Agent