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A Magical Movie Rant

This weekend, I introduced a friend to Studio Ghibli. Yes, for shame, I know someone who hasn't heard of Studio Ghibli, what is happening to this world? The super-artistic, abstract films of the surprisingly progressive Studio Ghibli has had me since their super-popular movieĀ Spirited Away went cult. I decided to ease her in to the… Continue reading A Magical Movie Rant

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Catching up on all the magic: Supernatural TV

For some inexplicable reason, I had the urge to watch Twilight: Eclipse the other night. A fit of madness coupled with a glass of wine or two apparently takes me to the vampire zone. I watched, wondered how I could ever have thought it was good, and then trawled through Netflix looking for better supernatural… Continue reading Catching up on all the magic: Supernatural TV

The Secret Library Encyclopedia

#Supernatural Creatures #Valkyries – The Secret Library Encyclopedia

Taking a dip in the pool of Norse mythology. Valkyries. They come from Valhalla. They fight for Norse Gods. They are the kick-ass women that the mainstream forgot - and we are counting on the Thor movies to change that. Valkyries are the warriors of the Gods. The most popular stories of Valkyries tell us… Continue reading #Supernatural Creatures #Valkyries – The Secret Library Encyclopedia

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3 Books That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Zombies. Drowning. Being chased through a magical forest by a jelly bean. If you haven't experienced a haunting, and perhaps weird, nightmare, you are one of the lucky ones. Movies don't need to try very hard to creep us out enough to give us bad dreams, but books need to try a little harder. When… Continue reading 3 Books That Will Haunt Your Dreams

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Reading to Escape: 4 Reasons Why Reading is Better than TV

I'll admit, I've binge-watched my fair share of awesome TV shows. Westworld, Charmed, Avatar: The Last Airbender (<<< THIS). Their plots are mind-blowing, with characters you just want to set off an adventure with, even if their special effects don't always stand the test of time. While a TV licence isn't worth the price tag… Continue reading Reading to Escape: 4 Reasons Why Reading is Better than TV