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Lookin’ Up Some London Indie Bookstores

I've lived in London now for a year and a half and haven't visited nearly as many libraries and independent book stores as I should have. Don't get me wrong, I've spent a lot of time in Waterstones, but they are everywhere and it's not the same as having a good nose around an indie bookstore. This… Continue reading Lookin’ Up Some London Indie Bookstores

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March’s Reading Catch-up

March has been a great month for books, I haven't read any bad ones. Score! In fact, March was an unusual month because I actually read a non-fiction book about magic. A rare thing indeed, but Ancient Magic by Philip Matyszak was a really interesting look into how the Ancient Greeks and Romans looked at the… Continue reading March’s Reading Catch-up

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Ancient Magic by Philip Matyszak #BookReview

Blurb "Magic was everywhere in the ancient world. The supernatural abounded, turning flowers into fruit and caterpillars into butterflies. Magic packed a cloud of water vapour with energy enough to destroy a house with one well-aimed thunderbolt. It was everyday magic, but it was still magical. Philip Matyszak takes readers into that world. He shows… Continue reading Ancient Magic by Philip Matyszak #BookReview