What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile?

Remember that promise I made to read more? I actually stuck to it this week. No details needed but let's just say my anxiety isn't in the best of shape right now and it's turned me into a temporary hermit. My current read, Siren by Jade Thorn, was half finished in one go yesterday. (Heads… Continue reading What’s on the reading pile?

For Avid Readers

Lookin’ Up Some London Indie Bookstores

I've lived in London now for a year and a half and haven't visited nearly as many libraries and independent book stores as I should have. Don't get me wrong, I've spent a lot of time in Waterstones, but they are everywhere and it's not the same as having a good nose around an indie bookstore. This… Continue reading Lookin’ Up Some London Indie Bookstores

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March’s Reading Catch-up

March has been a great month for books, I haven't read any bad ones. Score! In fact, March was an unusual month because I actually read a non-fiction book about magic. A rare thing indeed, but Ancient Magic by Philip Matyszak was a really interesting look into how the Ancient Greeks and Romans looked at the… Continue reading March’s Reading Catch-up

Book Reviews, Five Stars

Ancient Magic by Philip Matyszak #BookReview

Blurb "Magic was everywhere in the ancient world. The supernatural abounded, turning flowers into fruit and caterpillars into butterflies. Magic packed a cloud of water vapour with energy enough to destroy a house with one well-aimed thunderbolt. It was everyday magic, but it was still magical. Philip Matyszak takes readers into that world. He shows… Continue reading Ancient Magic by Philip Matyszak #BookReview