What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile: Dead Ringer

When I first started my author newsletter over a year ago, I wondered if anyone would sign up to it. Did anyone do that? I wasn't on anyone's newsletter list and wasn't sure what the point was. But as the year wore on, I started reading more indie books and learned about some of my… Continue reading What’s on the reading pile: Dead Ringer

The Anxious Author

4 Things Anxious Author Panic About Unnecessarily

I know how ridiculous this sounds. We Anxious Authors panic about everything to do with our books. From that major plot hole to whether the minor character in chapter 10 has a "realistic" hair colour. Some days, I have a bit of a panic before I've even sat down to write. We are Anxious Authors… Continue reading 4 Things Anxious Author Panic About Unnecessarily


“On the High Seas” Fantasy Giveaway

This giveaway has me really longing for a cruise. Which is weird, because I don't do well "on the high seas." I get seasick really quickly and spend most of my time draped over the edge of the ship, trying to avoid the seagulls. Poor things are just minding their own business. Spending all day… Continue reading “On the High Seas” Fantasy Giveaway

Reading Catch Ups

Reading Catch-Up: 22nd – 28th May 2020

I'm in a serious catch-22. I won't pretend to know how this COVID-19 virus works but my general rule of thumb is to avoid people and anything they might have touched. Only leaving the house to work means I have more money than ever and more book funds! BUT, I'm not actually buying more paperbacks… Continue reading Reading Catch-Up: 22nd – 28th May 2020

Book Reviews, Five Stars

Witch’s Jewel – Book Review

Title: Witch's Jewel Author: Kater Cheek Genre: Urban Fantasy Rating: Five stars "A sorcerous jewel. A mysterious uncle. Can a barista keep her magical heirloom safe from murderous crooks? Kit Melbourne longs to quit her brother’s coffee shop to pursue her artistic dreams. And despite the temptation to sell the sought-after enchanted gem she inherited… Continue reading Witch’s Jewel – Book Review