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Valkyrie Cursed is 99c!

The holidays are fast approaching, so it felt like a great time to set Valkyrie Cursed up with its very first sale! If you've been following the blog, you'll know that Valkyrie Cursed released on 30th June and the sequels were soon to follow. The timing feels right to knock the first in series down… Continue reading Valkyrie Cursed is 99c!

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Shadows Ascending – Book Review

Title: Shadows Ascending Author: Jenn D. Young Genre: Paranormal Romance Rating: Four stars "I am the Shadows… Reborn from the dark, with a great purpose thrust upon me. I must embrace my destiny and the legacy of power I’ve been given or the world could fall into chaos.My dark angel. The voice that’s haunted me… Continue reading Shadows Ascending – Book Review

Book Reviews, Five Stars

Moon Exalted – Book Review

Title: Moon Exalted Author: Devyn Sinclair Genre: Shifter Reverse Harem Rating: 5 Stars "I am going to die. What was once my mates’ curse is now killing me. But I will never give up on our eternity. War is coming. Our enemies won’t stop until my mates and I are dead—our magic wiped from the… Continue reading Moon Exalted – Book Review

Book Reviews, Five Stars

Moon Entrapped – Book Review

Title: Moon Entrapped Author: Devyn Sinclair Genre: Shifter Reverse Harem Rating: 5 Stars "I am a prisoner. Taken by monsters who crave my death. If I want to see my mates again, I have to stay alive. I was just settling into my new life with my mates when I was taken. Robbed of my… Continue reading Moon Entrapped – Book Review

Book Reviews, Four Stars

Wicked Vampire Mate – Book Review

Title: Wicked Vampire Mate Author: Bella Klaus Genre: Urban fantasy Rating: Four stars "I’m caught in the worst kind of trap, and there’s no way out. When I double-crossed Draco, I hadn’t expected him to retaliate. But now I’m stuck, and my only chance of ever seeing home is to use the black magic I… Continue reading Wicked Vampire Mate – Book Review