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#Magical #Jobs – Talisman Maker!

Y'all made a fantastic choice, voters! In case you weren't aware, I ran a poll on my author Facebook page last week so I could get YOUR opinion on what magical things to feature on The Secret Library book blog. You spoke loud and clear, and although it was a close call, the theme of… Continue reading #Magical #Jobs – Talisman Maker!

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The Votes Are In!

Hey there y'all, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! This past week on Facebook we asked for your votes on the next topic for The Secret Library Encyclopedia, which are our magical Sunday articles - and you guys made your voices heard. We had two choices: Alcoholic Alchemy (magical cocktails) and Magical Jobs (self-explanatory… Continue reading The Votes Are In!

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#BookReview – The Shikari by Dora Blume

Blurb "A deadly betrayal, family secrets have been unveiled! In a world of demons, sacrifice is necessary. But no one said anything about Sloane having to sacrifice her whole life to save the ones she loves.  When Minneapolis, MN is ravaged by demons, Erik is forced to go to his sister, Sloane for help. Sloane wants to… Continue reading #BookReview – The Shikari by Dora Blume

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It’s Time For YOUR #NewRelease

Fridays - the weekend is in sight and so that are those bottles of wine you've been eyeing since Monday. Plus, The Secret Library features brand new books in the urban fantasy, fantasy, paranormal and supernatural genres. Wine and books - what a day! If you follow The Secret Library, you may know that the… Continue reading It’s Time For YOUR #NewRelease

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It’s Time For YOUR #BookReview

You know what happens on Wednesdays here at The Secret Library - it's book review day! But in lieu of a book review today, I want to extend an invitation to all of you out there who are looking for book reviews. I'm always looking for new books to read and review, and I love… Continue reading It’s Time For YOUR #BookReview