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March’s Reading Catch-up

March has been a great month for books, I haven't read any bad ones. Score! In fact, March was an unusual month because I actually read a non-fiction book about magic. A rare thing indeed, but Ancient Magic by Philip Matyszak was a really interesting look into how the Ancient Greeks and Romans looked at the… Continue reading March’s Reading Catch-up

News and Updates

Catching up on all the magic: Supernatural TV

For some inexplicable reason, I had the urge to watch Twilight: Eclipse the other night. A fit of madness coupled with a glass of wine or two apparently takes me to the vampire zone. I watched, wondered how I could ever have thought it was good, and then trawled through Netflix looking for better supernatural… Continue reading Catching up on all the magic: Supernatural TV

For Avid Readers

When Seances Go Wrong

Still got that Ouija board upstairs in the attic? Let's have a séance. The staple of every sleepover, a séance is the coolest thing we did as teenagers. Experimenting with summoning ghosts, or demons if we were feeling really crazy, was the kind of danger we were after. Whatever we brought back from the dead,… Continue reading When Seances Go Wrong

Book Reviews

Mystic Bonds by C.C. Solomon #BookReview

Blurb "Mage Amina Langston thought surviving the supernatural apocalypse, which killed fifty percent of humankind and changed most of the surviving population into paranormal beings, was the biggest challenge in her life. That is, until she and her brother go on the run from non-gifted humans who want to steal their magical blood to make… Continue reading Mystic Bonds by C.C. Solomon #BookReview

Book Reviews

#BookReview – Witch’s Dawn by Crystal Ash

Blurb "One day, I’m nobody. The next, I’m a witch. And I’ve caught the attention of three smoking hot demons. I left home to start over, to escape a world I never fit in. I soon learned that my past was a lie. My parents suppressed my magical abilities and tried to make me forget my… Continue reading #BookReview – Witch’s Dawn by Crystal Ash