A Grishaverse Giveaway

Oh wow, is it Friday already? No wonder this year has flown by! Not going to lie, it feels really close to Christmas right about now. I don't mean to offend the Halloween enthusiasts but for some reason September has me thinking about buying presents for the big day. Probably has nothing to do with… Continue reading A Grishaverse Giveaway

Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 4th – 10th September 2020

We're living in a time when nothing seems real, so it's easy to believe that everything is just a dream. Including the fact that it is now September. I live in London, UK and in the last few months, almost the entire city has realised that they can work from home all the time. Nobody… Continue reading Reading Round-Up: 4th – 10th September 2020

Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 21st – 27th August

Yet again, despite best intentions, I barely finished this book by the skin of my teeth. I blame work. Wholeheartedly. Unpredictable times means unpredictable circumstances for me and everyone I work with at my day job. Getting back home past midnight because we're short-staffed, sometimes because colleagues have emergencies they have to run home to.… Continue reading Reading Round-Up: 21st – 27th August

Book Reviews, Five Stars

The Shadow of Kyoshi – Book Review

Title: The Shadow of Kyoshi Author: F.C. Yee Genre: Fantasy Rating: Five stars "Kyoshi’s place as the true Avatar has finally been cemented—but at a heavy cost. With her mentors gone, Kyoshi voyages across the Four Nations, struggling to keep the peace. But while her reputation grows, a mysterious threat emerges from the Spirit World.… Continue reading The Shadow of Kyoshi – Book Review

What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile: Darklight

It still blows my mind that I'm an urban fantasy author who hasn't read any Bella Forrest books yet. I'm putting it down to a really long stint of reading either unknown or lesser known indie authors or household names. Somehow, I've completely missed out on the best-selling indie authors in my genre. Now that… Continue reading What’s on the reading pile: Darklight