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Valkyrie Betrayed Release Day!

How the heck did we get here? The fourth book in my urban fantasy romance series, The Rogue Valkyrie series, is on the digital shelves! I still can't quite believe that the series began with Valkyrie Cursed back in July 2021. Releasing four books in seven months was once absolutely unheard of for me, and… Continue reading Valkyrie Betrayed Release Day!

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Counting Down To Release Day

If you've read my blog posts in the run-up to my other book releases, you will already know that I get pretty anxious when we hit the month before a release day. This time, I'm happy to say that this anxiety has now reduced to the week before. Every little helps. I don't think pre-release… Continue reading Counting Down To Release Day

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Monstrous – Book Review

Title: Monstrous Author: Harper A. Brooks Genre: Paranormal Romance Rating: Four stars "All I want is to feel normal. But the pills that numb the pain end up stripping me of who I am until I’m left feeling hollow. When I stop taking them, I can see clearly again, and after so much darkness and… Continue reading Monstrous – Book Review

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Night Tricks – Book Review

Title: Night Tricks Author: Richard Amos Genre: Magical Realism Rating: Four stars "They say warlocks are lesser beings. I’m about to prove them wrong. The streets have been my home for as long as I can remember. To get by, I use my magic tricks, bringing smiles to the faces of adults and children alike.… Continue reading Night Tricks – Book Review

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Lightning & Curses – Book Review

Title: Lightning & Curses Author: C.C. Solomon Genre: Magical realism/fantasy Rating: Four stars "I've got to cure an elven king or become his next meal.Lisa Xu, faerie extraordinaire. Or so they tell me. I survived numerous heartbreaks, getting almost eaten alive by various supernatural beings, and I'm an uber-reluctant member of a superhero team. I… Continue reading Lightning & Curses – Book Review