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Valkyrie Cursed is 99c!

The holidays are fast approaching, so it felt like a great time to set Valkyrie Cursed up with its very first sale! If you've been following the blog, you'll know that Valkyrie Cursed released on 30th June and the sequels were soon to follow. The timing feels right to knock the first in series down… Continue reading Valkyrie Cursed is 99c!

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Epic Fantasy Trilogy: Sale Alert!

Eyes front, people! We have a sale alert! On Wednesday, The Secret Library posted a five star review¬†for the absolutely mind-blowing¬†Child of the Night Guild - the first book in the Queen of Thieves epic fantasy series. Turns out, the timing for this review was perfect because the author, Andy Peloquin, has just announced that… Continue reading Epic Fantasy Trilogy: Sale Alert!