Diverse Sci-Fi & Fantasy Giveaway

One day, in an ideal world, there will be no such thing as diverse books, movies, giveaways etc. Because one day, in the distant future, media will no longer be a predominantly white space. One day, having a black protagonist in a book won't be shouted down as "political" by red-faced zealots who have barely… Continue reading Diverse Sci-Fi & Fantasy Giveaway


What’s on the reading pile – Legacy

I love stumbling across sub-genres I hadn't even contemplated before. These are usually the kind that are great ideas but haven't gotten popular in the mainstream yet, in the way that making teenagers battle to the death in YA fantasy did. Last week I discovered a series set in a biodome, yet there's also magic… Continue reading What’s on the reading pile – Legacy


No Graves For Heroes Giveaway

There's one sub-genre of fantasy I don't really touch on in this blog and for good reason, it's not really my thing. Sci-fi fantasy has really come into its own lately but I have enough to read still in urban fantasy, magic realism and paranormal romance. Researching sci-fi fantasy is definitely on the back burner… Continue reading No Graves For Heroes Giveaway


$300 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I was a bit staggered when I came across this giveaway! $300 is a lot of money and it's crazy that someone is giving this away all at once. It turns out that Courtney Cannon is upping the ante in her giveaways and offering this gift card as part of her Fantasy & Sci-Fi Bookbub… Continue reading $300 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway