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New Release – A Very Opal Halloween

Don't shoot me, it's October! We're halfway through, in fact so we're well overdue for some Halloween-y goodness. Honestly, if you don't have your outfit planned by now, what are you doing? Get down to the costume shop and sort your life out. Also please tell me what you're going as, I don't have mine… Continue reading New Release – A Very Opal Halloween

Book Reviews, Four Stars

#BookReview – Larkspur by V. M. Jaskiernia

Blurb "Pierre Salvador is a surgeon and a duc, returning to court after years away at University. Now the childhood friend he left behind has grown-up--and is still not wed. But she does not know of his dealings with Mora, the Lady of Death, or what the jealous goddess wants him to do in return… Continue reading #BookReview – Larkspur by V. M. Jaskiernia

Book Reviews, Three Stars

#BookReview – Genies and Magical Rings by Sasan Shabrou

Genre: Fantasy Rating: 3 stars Blurb "The war was now over and the Persians had one. It was meant to be a night of celebration but Dariush might of had too much celebrating that night that he got left behind when the army had left. Now all alone and only having thoughts of his wife… Continue reading #BookReview – Genies and Magical Rings by Sasan Shabrou

New Releases

#NewRelease – The Contest and Other Stories

Blurb "Inspired by the works of international artists, this collection contains nineteen spellbinding Young Adult - New Adult magical realist, paranormal, slipstream, alternate history, and fabulist tales linked by a novella: Peter John Rizzo, a 1960 graduate of Yale University's journalism program, inherits a floundering art magazine from his uncle, John Rizzo, with the provision… Continue reading #NewRelease – The Contest and Other Stories

New Releases

New Fantasy Release: Beyond Midnight

Eyes front, fantasy fans and say hello to the first urban fantasy anthology to be featured here on The Secret Library! Beyond Midnight features the magical and mystical stories by thirteen of the genre's talented writers - find the titles below. Published July 11th 2018, Beyond Midnight is currently without any reviews BUT from now until August… Continue reading New Fantasy Release: Beyond Midnight