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#Magical #Jobs – Grimoire Printer

Without books, where would we be? Bored, lifeless and probably drunk. Daily. In the real world, we need books - and therefore publishers and printers - to escape the monotony of day to day life. Because we sure as heck don't need them to research things anymore. Thank you Wikipedia. But the magical world needs… Continue reading #Magical #Jobs – Grimoire Printer

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#Magical #Jobs – Exposure Protection Agents

Once upon a time, humans knew all about magic, both fearing and respecting supernatural creatures (depending on how smart they were.) They left favours for fairies on their windowsills and hid silver bullets in their sock drawers to prepare for the next full moon. The thing about magic is that it's intimidating to those who… Continue reading #Magical #Jobs – Exposure Protection Agents

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#Magical #Jobs – Supernatural Journalist

Journalists have questionable reputations. While some want to uncover the truth, others are after the dirty details no matter who gets caught in the crossfire. So the big question is, if they had access to magical powers what kind of hell could they unleash? "Extra, extra! Valkyrie supermodel Olivia Brooks arrested for illegal resurrections!" "In… Continue reading #Magical #Jobs – Supernatural Journalist

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#Magical #Jobs – Supernatural Bounty Hunters

Welcome back to supernatural jobs! Thank you for bearing with me. Last week I got a bit over-ambitious and tried to do a blog post and move house. Turns out that's actually pretty hard. But we're back! I've unpacked my books and Fin has unpacked his treasure chests - we're ready to get back to… Continue reading #Magical #Jobs – Supernatural Bounty Hunters

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#BookReview – The Slaughter Sisters by Greg Alldredge

Blurb "Strange world: creatures are more civilized than men. Set in the Helena Brandywine universe, this story follows the adventures “The Slaughter Sisters.” Humans have become more monstrous than the legendary creatures the women are hired to seek out. How is a monster hunter meant to survive? “The Slaughter Sisters” are premier monster hunters in… Continue reading #BookReview – The Slaughter Sisters by Greg Alldredge