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Whiskey & Ink – Book Review

Title: Whiskey & Ink Author: D. Gabrielle Jensen Genre: Urban Fantasy Rating: Four stars My Review This book doesn't yet have a cover, a blurb or a buy link but heck, I got to read it and I'm reviewing it anyway! Whiskey & Ink is the second book in the Fia Drake series by D.… Continue reading Whiskey & Ink – Book Review

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We Have A Book…Almost!

A milestone has (almost) been reached! Today I will finish the very last chapter of Valkyrie Cursed. I started writing this book at the beginning of November and now we're at the end of January. It's the quickest I've ever written a book before but for some reason, it feels like it took forever. I… Continue reading We Have A Book…Almost!

The Anxious Author

3 Reasons Why Trigger Warnings Are A Godsend – The Anxious Author

Trigger Warning: mention of the experience of flashbacks, repressed memories, panic attacks and traumatic experiences. You might have heard of trigger warnings. They are the disclaimers at the beginnings of books or in book blurbs that warn potential readers about their contents. Readers can learn ahead of time if a book possesses something that could… Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Trigger Warnings Are A Godsend – The Anxious Author

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A New Series Is Born

In mid 2020 I had an idea for a new urban fantasy series. Or at least, I had an idea for a character who would star in that series. She is a valkyrie called Rowan, who broke curses for a living until she got her licence revoked after a workplace accident. The series is called… Continue reading A New Series Is Born

Book Reviews, Five Stars

Blood Legends: Ascension – Book Review

Title: Blood Legends: Ascension Author: Kim Petersen Genre: Urban fantasy/dystopian fantasy Rating: 5 Stars "Not even the most cunning vampire can outsmart his way toward Ascension. The dome city is complete, and a new society must be established. An impenetrable wall separates the districts. The division between factions of humans and vampires is drawn. Slavery,… Continue reading Blood Legends: Ascension – Book Review