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Valkyrie Awakened Is Here!

This time last year, I had zero vision for 2021, thanks to the global events of 2020 which were so unpredictable that making a plan seemed like a waste of time and energy. So, the day that a sequel to one of my books releases is truly unexpected, even if I did have to write… Continue reading Valkyrie Awakened Is Here!


Free Book By Karen Tomlinson

Another free book for you this week, no sign-ups required. I've heard good things about Karen Tomlinson's books, though I haven't yet read her work - I have joined her group on Facebook though because it looks kinda cool in there. At first glance, Wrecked looks like a shifter romance and it's got a good… Continue reading Free Book By Karen Tomlinson

News and Updates

Back To Normal (Sort Of)

This week will be a transition back to normality for The Secret Library. I have had absolutely no time to read in the past three weeks, not even on the weekends, so I will be replacing the usual review on Wednesday with a post explaining a little more about The Rogue Valkyrie series and what… Continue reading Back To Normal (Sort Of)

Book Reviews

Reviews For Valkyrie Cursed

Advanced copies of Valkyrie Cursed went out at the beginning of April and reviewers have had some lovely things to say about it ever since. Valkyrie Cursed is the first book I've ever written to market before, keeping tropes in mind. Some authors are a little sceptical about doing this, with some having verbalised in… Continue reading Reviews For Valkyrie Cursed

New Releases

A Different Week #2

I couldn't talk about Valkyrie Cursed much last week due to being insanely busy dealing with release week. But this week I want to talk about it pretty much non-stop. I talk a lot about other people's awesome books on this site, and I want to take a little time to talk about mine. Long… Continue reading A Different Week #2