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I’m A Plotter By Nature

Writers tend to categorise themselves in a futile attempt to understand the writing process, and two of these categories are "plotting" and "pantsing". Plotters draw up meticulous plans before writing their books so they know exactly who does what, when, where, and how. They will typically know everything about a scene before they write it,… Continue reading I’m A Plotter By Nature

Book Reviews, Two Stars

The Twins In The Fog – Book Review

Title: The Twins In The Fog Author: Rie Sheridan Smith Genre: Urban fantasy – short story Rating: Two stars * * * My Review Thank you for bearing with me while I get my reading situation together. In the run-up to release week of Valkyrie Cursed, my usual routine has deserted me and left me… Continue reading The Twins In The Fog – Book Review


Come Visit The Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Fair

For something a little different this week, we've got a Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Fair! A huge collection of books under the broad fantasy and sci-fi genres have been compiled by the famous Courtney Cannon and presented for our viewing pleasure. Urban fantasy, paranormal romance, sci-fi, young adult, epic fantasy, adventure, fantasy & sci-fi romance,… Continue reading Come Visit The Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Fair

Book Reviews, Four Stars

The Mercury Division – Book Review

Title: The Mercury Division Author: Lynda Collins Genre: Urban fantasy - short story Rating: Four stars * * * My Review Until I get back into a good reading schedule, I may throw a few short stories into my review section every so often. Today is one of those days! Magical Crime Scene Investigation is… Continue reading The Mercury Division – Book Review

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The Rogue Valkyrie Series Updates

The one thing I forget every time I start a new job (or career) is that it takes a while to get into the swing of things. We've got to learn how to do the work, manage your time, and deal with your co-workers, and it isn't until we do all this that we can… Continue reading The Rogue Valkyrie Series Updates