New Releases

New Release – Sound

Title: Sound Author: Maya Daniels Genre: Urban fantasy Release date: 14th April 2020 "To break the curse, you must hear the silence." I've tried not to make this blog all about the Darkness Rising boxed set, even though it's my baby and I'm super proud of it. So, I've held off on the self-promotion so… Continue reading New Release – Sound


Fantasy Windchimes and Mug Giveaway

We have some themed giveaway items this week from the Darkness Rising team. It's still fantasy themed, in fact, it's a mermaid-fest this week! The windchimes and mug in this giveaway are themed with the book Ocean Shadows which is a novel that will be included in the Darkness Rising boxed set. Personally, I love… Continue reading Fantasy Windchimes and Mug Giveaway

Top 5

Top 5 Authors P-T

How is your personal quarantine going? If you've got more books than toilet paper, I salute your priorities. With enough tea, chocolate and reading material, we'll get through this pandemic smoother than a plotline seconds before a devastating plot twist. Just, without the plot twist...hopefully. We bloggers, led by blogger extraordinaire Shana at Bionic Bookworm… Continue reading Top 5 Authors P-T

What's on the TBR pile?

What's on the reading pile? 23/03/2020

I'd like to say that the Coronavirus pandemic has given me much more time to read. Wishful thinking. My job has been classified as a "keyworker" position which means that rather than getting to hole up at home, I've got to get out there, business as usual. I won't pretend I'm sad about this, in… Continue reading What's on the reading pile? 23/03/2020

New Releases

New Release – These Moments

Title: These Moments Author: Azaaa Davis Genre: Urban fantasy Release date: 28th April 2020   "Unwillingly resurrected. Betrayed by family. Soulbound to a succubus. Nadira no longer recognizes herself as the demon hunter and leader she was raised to become. Her only goal is to survive the ill-conceived merge with Roquelle before it destroys both… Continue reading New Release – These Moments