Last Chance For Kindle Fire Giveaway

A few weeks ago I posted about Courtney Cannon's Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Fair, which features dozens of books in those genres. Some are free, some are on Kindle Unlimited (including Valkyrie Cursed), and some are paid, but the jewel in this crown is the giveaway. A Kindle Fire is up for grabs in this… Continue reading Last Chance For Kindle Fire Giveaway

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Did I Learn Anything This Week?

The answer is probably yes. But honestly, if I did, I don't remember. This week I prioritised grinding. Not the dance-floor kind, thankfully, but the type that keeps us hyper-focused on tasks. Hyper-focus is a rare event for us all, so I would have been foolish to ignore it. This period of focus allowed me… Continue reading Did I Learn Anything This Week?

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Back To The Grind

Release week for Valkyrie Awakened lasted all of the blink of an eye, entirely unlike Valkyrie Cursed which had my full attention for every single minute. Sleeping did not happen back then. The ease of this release week has allowed a peaceful transition from releasing a book to continuing work on the sequels (and prequel).… Continue reading Back To The Grind

Book Reviews, Five Stars

Valkyrie Awakened Reviews

What with Valkyrie Awakened hitting the shelves last week, I was a little too busy to read an entire book. More's the pity, because I just got a huge haul of new books and there's one I'm really eager to get stuck into. Next week, I'll have a review up for it! This week, what… Continue reading Valkyrie Awakened Reviews