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Valkyrie Fallen Releases Into The Wild!

Yesterday, Valkyrie Fallen hit the shelves, and with it, a large milestone. This time last year, I had just finished writing the first book in the series, Valkyrie Cursed, and I was preparing for my very first professional release. This first book would signal the start of a race to get as many books released… Continue reading Valkyrie Fallen Releases Into The Wild!

News and Updates

Technical Issues

There are a lot of unexpected issues that pop up when trying to publish books, but I experienced a brand new one this week. I finished editing Valkyrie Fallen which was a huge weight off my shoulders, but after a few attempts to get it to my editor, I found my e-mails weren't reaching her.… Continue reading Technical Issues

News and Updates

Behind On Deadlines

I anticipated this happening when I first decided to release four books a year, but it's finally happened. I'm behind on my deadlines. Usually, at this point in the book publishing process, Valkyrie Fallen would be in the editing stages and book 6 in the late planning stages. Instead, I am still writing Valkyrie Fallen,… Continue reading Behind On Deadlines

New Releases

Valkyrie Betrayed Release Day!

How the heck did we get here? The fourth book in my urban fantasy romance series, The Rogue Valkyrie series, is on the digital shelves! I still can't quite believe that the series began with Valkyrie Cursed back in July 2021. Releasing four books in seven months was once absolutely unheard of for me, and… Continue reading Valkyrie Betrayed Release Day!