Book Reviews, Four Stars

Demon Moon – Book Review

Title: Demon Moon Author: Brad Magnarella Genre: Urban Fantasy Rating: Four stars "Everson Croft, professor of mythology and behind-the-scenes wizard Show me an amateur conjurer, and I’ll stop him before he gets himself killed. That’s the idea, anyway. But New York City isn’t what it used to be, and I don’t mean the recent crash.… Continue reading Demon Moon – Book Review


Tarot Witches – Free Series

I absolutely had to make a feature for this because this isn't just a free book, it's a free series. No wait, it's not just a free series. It's a free series by S.M. Reine! If you don't know who S.M. Reine is, come out from under that rock and read my review of her… Continue reading Tarot Witches – Free Series

Book Reviews, Five Stars

Spells & Ashes – Book Review

Title: Spells & Ashes Author: Kim Richardson Genre: Urban Fantasy Rating: Five stars "Are you ready for a new kind of witch? My name is Samantha Beaumont and I’m a witch. But I’m not your average dark witch. I specialize in Goetia—the ancient art of conjuring demons—and exorcisms. That’s right. I hunt and banish demons… Continue reading Spells & Ashes – Book Review

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Reading Round-Up: 5th-11th June 2020

Ugh, ever have a week that you really wish was over? Trying to get on with your life and reach your goals when conflict is throwing itself at you is hard. The only saving grace for weeks like this is that difficulties make us stronger. Sounds cliche but that notion is sometimes the only thing… Continue reading Reading Round-Up: 5th-11th June 2020

Book Reviews, Five Stars

The Necromancer’s Bride – Book Review

Title: The Necromancer's Bride Author: Kat Ross Genre: Urban Fantasy Rating: Five stars "Forgiveness is not Gabriel D’Ange’s strong suit. A self-appointed soldier of God with a penchant for ruthlessly punishing his enemies, he vanished after Anne Lawrence stabbed him with his own dagger. The smart thing would be to let him go. Unfortunately, Anne’s… Continue reading The Necromancer’s Bride – Book Review