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Book Review – Crimson Horizon

Title: Crimson Horizon Author: Heather Renee and Lela Grayce Genre: Vampire pirate/fantasy Rating: Four stars     Blurb: "When Lavinia Maycott's home is attacked by villainous pirates, she isn't sure how to find peace being a survivor. With her family murdered, she has only one place to go. However, her betrothed's estate isn't the safe… Continue reading Book Review – Crimson Horizon

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#Magical #Jobs -Vampire Hunter

Do professions get any more old school than this? Vampire hunters already have their own image: the Van Helsing type in a kick-ass hat and a trench-coat stuffed with stakes and silver bullets. Just in case werewolves, y'know? But there's more to being a vampire hunter than waiting until the sun sets and sneaking into… Continue reading #Magical #Jobs -Vampire Hunter