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The Pros and Cons of Strong Female Characters

Until the Top 5 feature starts up and running again by Shana at Bionic Bookworm, I'm going to use Tuesdays to discuss things about books. The tropes, character types and everything in between. I used to write about this on the blog ages ago when I first launched The Secret Library and I kinda feel like giving it a… Continue reading The Pros and Cons of Strong Female Characters

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#BookReview – The Slaughter Sisters by Greg Alldredge

Blurb "Strange world: creatures are more civilized than men. Set in the Helena Brandywine universe, this story follows the adventures “The Slaughter Sisters.” Humans have become more monstrous than the legendary creatures the women are hired to seek out. How is a monster hunter meant to survive? “The Slaughter Sisters” are premier monster hunters in… Continue reading #BookReview – The Slaughter Sisters by Greg Alldredge

The Secret Library Encyclopedia

#Supernatural Creatures #Valkyries – The Secret Library Encyclopedia

Taking a dip in the pool of Norse mythology. Valkyries. They come from Valhalla. They fight for Norse Gods. They are the kick-ass women that the mainstream forgot - and we are counting on the Thor movies to change that. Valkyries are the warriors of the Gods. The most popular stories of Valkyries tell us… Continue reading #Supernatural Creatures #Valkyries – The Secret Library Encyclopedia

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Why We Still Need “Damsel in Distress” Stories

  “Damsel in distress.” Don’t you just hate that saying? It reeks of dependency, and paints a picture of a blonde stick figure gasping as she faints at the sight of a mouse skittering by. The phrase has some seriously sexist undertones. It’s not as if there’s a male equivalent, although maybe there should be.… Continue reading Why We Still Need “Damsel in Distress” Stories